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About The Firm

Chandan Economics is a leading provider of data and analytics to commercial real estate lenders, investors, and policy makers. With a strategic focus on real estate debt markets and credit risk management, the firm pioneers the integration of rigorous analysis, capital and credit lifecycle models, and its unique loan-level databases. Our data, trends analysis, and research tools support more informed investment and risk management decisions across a wide range of real estate market participants.


Dr Sam Chandan is President and Chief Economist of Chandan Economics and Professor in the Associated Faculty of Real Estate at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. A noted economist and active policy commentator, Dr Chandan is amongst the commercial real estate industry’s leading voices in relation to capital and credit markets and the dynamic relationship between the economy, regulation, and market performance.

Dr Chandan received the PhD in Applied Economics from the Wharton School and was a doctoral scholar at Princeton University. In addition to his current teaching in the fields of Real Estate Finance, Public Policy, and Business Economics at Wharton, he has served as a visiting professor in the Economics Department at Dartmouth College.

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Academic and Industry Advisors

Our Academic and Industry Advisory Boards are comprised of eminent academic researchers and commercial real estate industry leaders, representing an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience and insight. These individuals provide Chandan Economics with access to unique and fully independent perspectives on policy and regulatory issues as well as current and prospective trends in the real estate industry.