Real Estate Economics


The Economics of Real Estate

The Real Estate Economics surveillance service empowers commercial real estate decision-makers with clear insights into the connection between economic and financial market developments, shifts in policy and regulation, and the direction of real estate capital and credit. Unique in its focus on these broader relationships, Real Estate Economics reporting positions investors and lenders to anticipate changes in the macro conditions driving property markets.

For more information about the Real Estate Economics service or to request samples of our recent reports, please contact us.

The Balance Sheet

The regular Balance Sheet report provides concise analysis and commentary on current economic, financial, and regulatory developments and their implications for multifamily and commercial real estate markets. Recent reports have addressed issues ranging from current employment trends and related space demand to shifts in the monetary policy environment and their implications for debt yields.

Market Briefings

Chandan Economics' macro webcasts focus on the big picture, synthesizing conflicting data into a coherent assessment of market conditions. Briefings begin with a summary of the latest economic, financial, and policy developments and an assessment of their implications for commercial real estate investment. Following an update on selected projections – including Chandan Economics’ employment and interest rate forecasts – our economists field questions from subscribers.

Macro Surveillance

In addition to our ongoing surveillance of economic and financial market indicators, Investment Briefs address specific issues of concern for commercial real estate investors and lenders. These reports and their supporting data offer subscribers in-depth analysis of long-term trends shaping US real estate markets, complementing the regular Balance Sheet reports.