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Q2 2014 Investment & Debt Trends Chandan's Q2 2014 apartment lending and investment trends reports are available now on the client site.

May 2 | CNBC: The Call

What to Expect From the April Jobs Report | Interview with Bernie Lo

May 1 | New York Observer

Keynesians Have the Upper Hand in Sovereign Debt Debate | by Sam Chandan

Sam Chandan writes for the Commercial Observer: The Austerians have lost one of their most powerful corroborations. At least for political purposes, the oft-cited and rather particular relationship between sovereign debt and growth has been sundered by a graduate student’s homework assignment. Never has so much of consequence turned on a spreadsheet error.

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Q1 2013 Apartment Financing Trends

RELEASED APRIL 2013 | May 3 2013 - Updated with Metro Summary Below
Selected Findings from the Q1 2013 Apartment Financing Trends Reports

April 22 | Fox Business Network

Is the Housing Recovery in Trouble | Interview with Cheryl Casone

April 10 | Bloomberg Television

Washington Update: Bankers at the White House, FOMC Minutes Jump the Gun, and Housing's Low Rate Crutch | Taking Stock with Pimm Fox