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Bank Lending and Default Report Q1 2014 bank lending and default data tables are available for download.
Changing Patterns of Office and Retail Space Use Watch Sam Chandan's interview at the Federal Reserve Banking Outlook Conference.
Chandan's landmark study Secondary Market Investment and Lending Dynamics available now from NAIOP.

May 1 | New York Observer

Keynesians Have the Upper Hand in Sovereign Debt Debate | by Sam Chandan

Sam Chandan writes for the Commercial Observer: The Austerians have lost one of their most powerful corroborations. At least for political purposes, the oft-cited and rather particular relationship between sovereign debt and growth has been sundered by a graduate student’s homework assignment. Never has so much of consequence turned on a spreadsheet error.

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Q1 2013 Apartment Financing Trends

RELEASED APRIL 2013 | May 3 2013 - Updated with Metro Summary Below
Selected Findings from the Q1 2013 Apartment Financing Trends Reports

April 22 | Fox Business Network

Is the Housing Recovery in Trouble | Interview with Cheryl Casone

April 10 | Bloomberg Television

Washington Update: Bankers at the White House, FOMC Minutes Jump the Gun, and Housing's Low Rate Crutch | Taking Stock with Pimm Fox

April 4 | CNBC: The Call

Bank of Japan Moves to Ease Monetary Policy | Interview with Lisa Oake