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Q2 2014 Investment & Debt Trends Chandan's Q2 2014 apartment lending and investment trends reports are available now on the client site.

March 5 | Financial Times

Quest for US Office Properties Shifts from New York | by Anjli Raval

February 28 | Debtwire

Workout Shops Eye Windfall Managing Slice Of $73.5B in Distressed Commercial Property Loans | by Joy Wiltermuth

February 26 | CNBC World

The Outlook for Monetary Policy, What's Driving the Economy, and Should We Care About the Sequester

February 20 | Bloomberg Television

Downside of a Low Interest Rate Policy With No Timetable for Exit | Interview with Pimm Fox on Taking Stock

In forcing a hunt for yield, the Federal Reserve's broad market interventions are distorting asset prices, argues Sam Chandan. The time is ripe for monetary policy officials to articulate a clear exit strategy, even if the exit timetable is further in the future. Pimm Fox hosts Sam Chandan and Oppenheimer Funds Chief Economist Jerry Webb.

Sample Inflation Chart

The following is an example of a chart deployed on a website referencing the data in the template deliverable. In this case, the chart shows the 2007 to present series for consumer price inflation data, found on the Macro Inflation tab in the template deliverable. The chart is interactive; hover over the line to see the data values.

February 2013

February 13 | New York Times

New York City Developers Find Construction Loans Easier to Get | by Julie Satow

The New York Times reports: Construction in New York slowed to a trickle in the recession, but there are finally signs that the construction loan market is coming back to life ... In the third quarter of 2012, the most recent number available, the default rate on construction loans was 9.5 percent, the lowest it has been since the end of 2008, according to Chandan Economics.