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Racial Inequities in US Housing

Annual Report

The history of racial discrimination in US real estate and housing policy is well documented. Over the past century alone, racial-exclusionary elements of New Deal-era federal housing programs and unsanctioned discrimination by the real estate industry during the post-war suburban expansion have catalyzed a cycle of inequity. Despite the dismantling of de-jure racial segregation in American housing in the 1960s, evidence of its structural legacy remains pervasive in both housing and non-housing contexts.

The Chandan Economics Racial Inequities in US Housing Report is a salient annual snapshot of today’s persisting challenges and discrepancies. Our analysis explores economic performance outcomes in housing by race in four key areas: household wealth, housing affordability, housing and environmental quality, and credit access. In a supplemental release to this report, we will review recent nationwide policy developments and compare some of the more momentous solutions being explored.

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