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Q2 2014 Investment & Debt Trends Chandan's Q2 2014 apartment lending and investment trends reports are available now on the client site.

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A Pending Recession? Five Years Into Recovery, Timing the Business Cycle

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Is the American Labor Market Finally on the Mend?

Ahead of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' January employment report, Sam Chandan discusses current trends in the labor market. Chandan contends the Fed made an error in tying expectations for monetary policy to the unemployment rate, a highly ambiguous measure of job market health.

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Realtor Magazine

Warehouses Becoming Boon for Commercial Real Estate

Warehouses are becoming a commercial real estate boon, as more retailers beef up their online business. Online retailers such as Amazon are leading the trend, snapping up spaces for smaller distribution centers near major urban areas in an effort to get products closer to where people live, says Sam Chandan of Chandan Economics.

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Commercial Real Estate's Least Alluring Sector is Red Hot

CNBC's Diana Olick writes —‘s latest move, to anticipate what you want to buy and start shipping it before you even buy it, could be a big boon to a sector that is already seeing huge gains. Industrial warehouse space, once a dud in real estate, is now closing in on prom queen status, as more retail goes online and as the housing market recovers.

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Rental Apartment Threat Alert? Homeownership Rate Inches Up

Demand has steadily increased for rental housing and, even though rent growth peaked in 2012, owners are still experiencing consistent, sometimes historic, growth in a number of markets. But as that rent growth marches on, and the for-sale market continues to revive, it's forcing many renters to reconsider the rent. vs. own debate.


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Commercial Real Estate Lenders Upbeat Heading Into New Year