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Racial Inequities in Housing Affordability

This is the first chapter of Chandan Economics's 2024 special report on Racial Inequities in US housing that explores economic performance outcomes in housing by race in household wealth, housing affordability, housing and environmental quality, and credit access.

Racial Inequities in Housing Affordability, Chandan Economics

In 2024 housing affordability remains one of the most stubborn and widespread challenges for the US economy. Home prices sit at all-time highs, while generationally high mortgage rates continue to keep would-be buyers and sellers stuck in neutral. Consequently, segments of the nation's housing demand have shifted back into rentals — revealing a deeper magnitude of both affordability constraints and racial inequities.

Rental Households in Poverty

Educational Attainment & Upward Mobility

Household Crowding

Broader Economic Impacts of Racial Inequities in Housing


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