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COVID-19 Urban Recovery: Walking, Driving and Taking Mass Transit

  • Personal mobility data serves as a measure of COVID-19 urban recovery.

  • Madison, Wisconsin ranks as the most improved metro for walking and driving.

  • The San Francisco Bay Area ranks as the least recovered metro, using mobility criteria.



Cities across the U.S. are attempting to balance economic activity against coronavirus transmission risks. While the goals remain uniform, the levels of success are not. This article analyzes personal mobility data provided by Apple Maps. Data was gathered for driving, transit, and walking trips, between mid-January and late-August. While the numbers are not a perfect proxy for economic activity, they provide a gauge of COVID-19 urban recovery, reflecting where life most and least resembles pre-pandemic levels of normality.

For the full analysis, visit Arbor Chatter at the Arbor Realty Trust website.


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